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nail facts

We use all CREATIVE NAIL DESIGN (CND) products for acrylic enhancements. We choose to use CND because it is a top quality brand in our industry and more importantly because its range helps to deliver optimum results. CND acrylic enhancements products are kind to the natural nail and none contain MMA or harmful chemicals. We are proud to say that our fully qualified Nail technician DOES NOT USE A DRILL as we care very much about your natural nails when doing any treatments.

We also use CND products for manicure & pedicure but finish the job with OPI enamels. The OPI range has some fantastic colours that last well!

The Truth About MMA


MMA is found in the liquid monomer used in liquid & powder that makes acrylic nails.

MMA doesn’t adhere well to the nail plate so to make it stick the technician needs to file or shred the natural nail plate ! This will thin and weaken your nails.

MMA creates the hardest and most rigid nail enhancements, which make them impossible to break. The surface bond of the MMA acrylic is so strong to the soft tissue that even a slight trauma to the nail can cause the nail to break and lift off the nail bed. Ironically it is the strength of the acrylic that attracts some users to the product ?

The small molecular structure of MMA makes it possible for it to be absorbed through even unbroken skin.

It can also do permanent damage to the matrix of the nail and be absorbed into the body. While MMA will not store in the tissue, it is stored as methanol in the blood and urine. Research has proven that using products containing MMA is not advisable for pregnant women as it can harm an unborn child.

MMA is extremely difficult to remove. Since it will not dissolve in product remover it will usually be filed down by a nail drill, creating still more damage, repeated exposure to MMA products can result in severe allergic reactions.

The American FDA (Food & Drugs agency) considers MMA to be a poisonous and deleterious substance used in the monomer in nail products.